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The Problems With Our Elections Affect Every Issue You Care About



  • SMART Elections is a new non-partisan project dedicated to elevating the issue of election reform to an urgent national priority.  

  • There are currently seven main sectors in the election reform movement: 

  • Voting rights (ending voter suppression)
  • Disability rights (access for voters)
  • Anti-corruption (getting money out of politics) 
  • Fair Redistricting (ending gerrymandering)
  • National Popular Vote (ending the Electoral College)
  • Ranked Choice Voting
  • Security

  • These groups are powerful individually – but tend to work separately from each other, and sometimes in opposition to each other. Our nation’s elections are in disrepair. A broad-based coalition of these sectors working cooperatively across the political spectrum can generate the attention and resources necessary to repair our dysfunctional electoral process. SMART elections is dedicated to that cooperative effort. 

  • We are building bridges and lasting partnerships that can produce significant improvements in U.S, elections.

  • We focus especially on election security because that is our area of expertise, and we know that if security is not addressed - and votes are not counted accurately - then all other reforms are at risk. 

SMART stands for

  • Secure
  • Marked* & Audited by Hand
  • Accessible & Accurate
  • Registration for all eligible voters
  • Transparent

*(for those who are able) 



Technical Advisory Team


  • Joe Bravo – Executive Director; Westchester Independent Living Center 
  • Lisa Tarricone - Executive Director; Taconic Resources for Independence, Inc.


Audits & Observation

Digital Ballot Images

  • John Brakey – Co-Founder & Director AUDIT-USA 
  • Emily Levy - Director of Communications AUDIT-USA

Election Officials

Legal Advisor

Legislative Advisor


Voting Rights

our philosophy

Advisory Team Members come from a variety of backgrounds and represent a diverse collection of viewpoints. Their membership does not represent an endorsement of the information offered by this organization. Nor does this project endorse any specific action or opinion of the advisory team members. We have come together with the belief that by attempting to listen and understand each others’ perspectives we can collectively work more effectively toward a goal that we all cherish – a more fair and effective democracy.