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Is Your New Voting Machine Secure?

Dominion vs. The Experts

Part 1 of a 3-Part Investigative Series


A new type of hybrid voting machine — with a security flaw so serious that election security experts say there is no way to mitigate the problem without changing the design of the machine — is being rapidly sold across the country; six swing states have already purchased these machines. 

In Part 1 (above) Andrew Appel, a Computer Science Professor at Princeton, explains that due to a design flaw hybrid voting systems are able to print fake votes onto paper ballots - allowing them, if hacked, to steal elections without detection. Professor Appel disagrees with many of the claims made by the voting machine vendors about the security, ease of use, and cost of the machines. 

In Part 2 (below) Westchester County NY considers purchasing a hybrid voting system, causing concern among the residents, opposition from disability and security advocates, and raising questions about who is benefiting from the sale. 

Is Your New Voting Machine Secure?

A 3-Part investigative series. 

Shot, produced and edited by Lulu Friesdat for SMART Elections.

An Election Security Disaster

What's Behind This Deal?

Part 2 of a 3-Part Investigative Series


The NY State Board of Elections Is Making Critical Decisions About Our Voting System Security. 

Do They Understand It? (Investigation - Trailer)

Elevating Election Reform & Election Security to Urgent National Priorities

  • Voters with disabilities deserve to vote independently, privately and comfortably and ballot marking devices have been developed to help them in that process. But voters with disabilities also deserve to have their votes counted securely as intended; and many of the ballot marking devices being currently sold have serious security vulnerabilities.