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Schoharie County New York is the fourth NY county to move forward with leasing or purchasing the Dominion "ICE" hybrid voting machine. Hybrid voting machines are a dangerous new technology. Because these machine have the ability to mark, print and scan a ballot - they can essentially vote for you, adding votes after you cast your ballot and stealing elections without detection. Elections that are manipulated in one county can affect us all, since these machines will be in use for state and national elections. Let your officials know you want to vote on durable hand-marked paper ballots, with separate ballot-marking devices available for voters who cannot mark a ballot by hand. 

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Dear Schoharie County and Governor Cuomo

1. You must ban hybrid voting machines in New York. Hybrid voting systems that combine a ballot-marking device, printer and scanner functions have the ability to add fake votes to paper ballots and steal elections without detection. Election security experts are calling these systems a “disaster.” Please watch this investigative report: https://smartelections.us/

and read this paper by three election security experts: 


to learn more. 

I am providing letters from three nationally recognized computer security experts against the use of hybrid voting machines.

Professor Andrew Appel of Princeton University

Professor Rich DeMillo of Georgia Tech


Dr. Joe Kiniry of Galois


2. Regarding the Dominion “ICE”: The state’s own testing lab said that if an attack did occur, “then a forensic analysis would be needed on all ballots in question to determine if a human or machine made the mark. Such a process is unlikely to be trusted by the public.”


3. The testing lab rated the impact of such an attack as “Very High.” https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PrFLQqvDLZm3mBpDF3s3xHU1mPRpuljc/view (P. 12)

4. If you use the "ICE" machine - will you be taking all of the suggested steps to mitigate the risk - like putting a foam block in the machine between voters to prevent unauthorized printing on the ballots?


5.  Schoharie County's poor choice will affect all New Yorkers & the nation, since elections include state & federal races. There will be no way to determine if the results of your elections are being altered & your county could become a destination county for hackers.

6. To the board - please reconsider this vote immediately. There are more affordable and more secure systems than the Dominion ICE on the market. Security experts recommend durable hand-marked paper ballots for most voters and separate ballot-marking devices for voters who need assistance. I deserve to know that my vote will be counted accurately, and I do not want to vote on a hybrid system.