sanders campaign has its "own app"

Sanders' App Screenshots


From Sanders campaign worker 

Zach Hammer @ZachHammer 

10:52 PM · Feb 3, 2020

Sanders' App Screenshots


"Just as an FYI, Bernie's people planned for this and developed their own app for logging results. Assuming the precinct captains are inputting information, Bernie's camp should have accurate numbers even if no one else does."

Sanders' App Screenshots


"This is the data Bernie's precinct captains have been collecting through their own app. They should be able to use this data to pinpoint any "irregularities" in the data reported by the party. The campaign has been very proactive about a possible situation like this"  #IACaucus

NBC SAYS "coding issue" IN IOWA APP


"The Iowa Democratic Party said Tuesday that its new app,  meant to speed up the reporting of caucus results, suffered from a  “coding issue” that instead led to a significant delay in counting and  reporting results."

Problems appeared earlier

"But the app appeared to have problems even before the 'coding issue.' ... Early in the day, Democratic county chairmen in Iowa said that some of their precinct leaders had trouble downloading and installing the app, and others received  error messages. Two of those chairs said they were going to use manual  methods and call the results in on a hotline."

via Ben Popken & Maura Barrett

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