EROLS Calls:

The EROLS calls are a monthly 1-hour video conference call for thought leaders in the election reform community. The calls happen on the first Monday of the month 4pm PST/ 7pm EST. 

We bring together leaders to focus on improvements in the following areas: 

  • Voting rights (making sure every eligible voter votes)
  • Disability rights (access for voters)
  • Anti-corruption (getting money out of politics) 
  • Fair Redistricting (ending gerrymandering)
  • National Popular Vote (ending the Electoral College)
  • Ranked Choice Voting
  • Security

If you are a leader of an election reform organization, or active individual in the election reform community and would like to participate please send an email with your contact information and bio to receive the call-in information. If you believe there is an area of election reform we need to add, please let us know.   

Please put the call in your calendar as a repeat event on the first Monday of each month. 

20 - 30 leaders from reform and democracy groups have been on each call.

We plan to bring more simplicity and cohesion to election reform messaging for greater impact and increased policy implementation.  

The basic format of the call is that two or three leaders with a pressing topic will be interviewed on that topic. The remainder of the time will be open to respectful questions and discussion. Over time, we believe this ongoing contact will promote better awareness, more effective cooperation and more successful actions. The format of the call will adapt as needed. The calls are moderated by one of our co-founders, Lulu Friesdat.

EROLS is non-partisan project and includes leaders and individuals from across the political spectrum. Please be respectful. We are not on this call to discuss anything but ways to make U.S. elections more fair, secure, accurate and transparent.      

The call is part of our #CountTheVote initiative to establish a corps of trained volunteers to help ensure an accurate vote count in 2020. That initiative was launched in an op-ed at The Hill that was shared more than 7,000 times.  

The calls will be recorded for access by those who are participating in the project. We very much hope you will add your leadership and community building skills to the call.